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Tax Planning

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All tax returns prepared as part of a pre-agreed accounts package or as an individual assignment.


If you are a limited company, you must submit a corporation tax return eight months and 23 days after your accounting year end. Company directors and sole traders are also subject to self assessment and must file a personal tax return with the revenue commissioners by 31 October annually.

If you dispose of any assets, make a gift or take an inheritance, you will then be subject to Capital Gains Tax or Capital Acquisitions Tax. The Irish tax system is very complex and there are many occasions where one can inadvertently trigger a tax issue without realising it. This can be simply by missing a filing deadline, undertaking a course of actions or failing to take the proper action at a given time.


There are also many occasions where a tax liability can be either reduced or entirely eliminated by making use of all available reliefs through careful planning.



We take the time to get to know your business and gain a full understanding of the various aspects of its operation.

We tailor our service so our tax advice service meets your exact requirements.

David Brannigan - Principal Irish Accounts

David Branagan


We work with you to provide a cost effective, hands on approach to your accounting needs. We are pro-active as critical decisions can be made on a timely basis only with accurate information.


We add value to your business by freeing up your time otherwise tied up in paperwork and compliance. We help interpret the figures and explain what they mean to you in plain English.


We are very competitively priced and are constantly striving to find ways to make our firm even more efficient.


We currently offer a basic set of accounts and tax return for a small part time business from €650 plus VAT.

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